Being Socially Responsible Makes Us Feel Worth

As a socially responsible organization, ECS endeavors to induce the sentiment of ‘a responsible citizen’ into all its team members. Leading by example, the management drives efforts to contribute into this direction at every possible level. In an environment where we talk of feelings, respect emotions and indulge in tea-time family talks, we profess high emphasis towards our duties in making this society a more enjoyable and livable place for all. We do our part.

ECS CSR Initiatives

Under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility, being transparent and staying honest in all efforts and initiatives is paramount in earning our team’s and people’s trust at large. At ECS, we classify these initiatives under different pursuits.

  • Environment: Regardless of size, businesses do have a big carbon footprint. Our day-to-day activities revolve around taking steps to reduce those footprints. We participate in campaigns like Earth Hour and other environment and green initiatives. From electrical appliances to practices towards energy management and waste reduction, we focus heavily to care for our environment. We dream to give our next generations a greener environment.

  • Philanthropy: ECS works with an NGO - Umeed and undertakes campaigns to ensure it can get the fulfillment by ‘giving’. The ‘Wish Tree’ campaign was one success where team ECS attempted to fulfill those wishes of the under-privileged kids that came from their heart and were planted on a wish-tree in office premises. The smiles of those kids bring utmost satisfaction and joy to our staff.
    The #Mission1Million of Robin Hood Army saw a lot of ECS team mates. As one team, ECS happily promoted and participated to feed as many people in order to meet the 1 million mark as the mission of RHA.

  • Internal Initiatives: ECS runs periodic internal initiatives to help increase awareness and benefit for ethical practices. This includes knowledge sharing, encouraging and informing of volunteer activities, empathy acts and much more.

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