ECS Helpdesk has built-in role and authorization management tools for individuals or entire teams that ensure requests are assigned to the responsible department quickly and with all task-related information included.Quick response times are critical, so OTRS ensures that inquiries do not disappear into a void or remain unanswered. Notifications, reminders and escalation management processes guarantee rapid request evaluation and processing. Even the service requester can be notified of the ticket’s processing status at any time.

Optimize workflows to increase efficiency.

OTRS Process Templates are ideal for standardized and frequently recurring processes. Their use increases both quality and efficiency. Holiday Requests Room Bookings Material Requirements Travel Expenses Material Complaints Of course, your business needs may be different. With OTRS Process Management, you can create custom processes tailored to your business. Your employees can adjust them or create new ones anytime – without time-consuming training.

Smart Service Delivery with Key OTRS Features