Why ECS?

Building on its varied expertise and domain knowledge, ECS TECHNOLOGIES offers clients a wide range services. These services enable business to "Do Business Better" through optimum use of technology and process excellence and help you to perform in this dynamic market environment.

Software Development and Maintenance

1. Web Portals :

Main advantage of having online service is cost effective to focus in front of large number of people without any afford or time consuming are forcing offline service provider to look towards the internet as a means of reaching large number of clients to achieve their goals.

Our Web Portal are developed to provide a complete turn-key website management system that gives you the ability to manage all of your pages, content , product , images, forms, and more. ECS has great expertise and experience building interactive, innovative and efficient portal solutions for clients. We build complete and tough Web Portals that are modified to the needs of individual customers; end to end solutions for the following industry vertical:
  1. 2.B2B Port Development
  2. 1.Job Portal Development
  3. 3.E-commerce Portal

2. Customized Software Development : ECS Tech Pvt. Ltd. has proficiency and vast experience in developing customized software application as per client requirement and their need .The process which include R&D for new tools and technologies, Planning, Structure Planning, System Integration, Testing and Support.
  1. 1.Complete System Software with support.
  2. 2.Venture Business Solutionst
  3. 3.Client Server Applications
  4. 4.Web Bases Applications with support.

3. Net Programming :

ECS Tech Pvt. Ltd. has expertise and vast experience developing solutions using. Net framework, VB.NET, ASP.NET and C#. We have been extremely concerned in the design and execution of small to wide-ranging .Net projects that are currently arranged commercially.