Why ECS?

Your Right sized partner

We are small enough to handle your minor enhancements and large enough to deliver the desired application set. Only partner who can provide you domain expertise coupled with technical abilities

Mobility to the Core

End to end expertise in cross platform mobility solutions: .Net, PHP, DBMS (Oracle / SQL) Extensive Mobility solutions deployment using range of development methodologies and commercial models

Cost Effective Solutions

ECS ensures solution delivery in least possible time with right sized teams. This ensures costs control and delivery of solutions at competitive prices. The client pays for only what is consumed


ECS understands that IT applications are enablers for a larger cause at organizations. We ensure agility in design and operation to accommodate the changing needs of your organization.

Driving Business Transformation through Technology

Cost Optimization
Business Process Optimization
Focus on Business Outcomes

A ‘Center Of Excellence’ Delivery Model

Innovation Hub
Quality, Security, Reliability